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Mindmap le pèse-nerfs      

to the letter manuscripts

Zungenblatt landscape of the tongue

Antennaes antennae microphones

être vent installation views

être vent group performance

Whistle collection audio examples

Music Pieces of Voice Piece after voice piece for soprano

Wandering Flutist flute performance in situ

Piano Recordings piano piece sculpture

Ressac respiro

Seismós cardiogram disorder

Tempest Tunes tuning a hurricane

Apparitions drosophila ligeti drawings

Sound Piece for Ligeti apparitions

Redender Stein echo of the dead mountains

Antiphony tracing paper drum sets

Psyché / Philidor’s Ink the scribe’s traces

Melos Amoris songs of mice and whales

DisSonata living loudspeaker habitats

Conductor’s batons prepared conducting batons

Untitled freud archive

Scripts l’expérience intérieure

Performative readings voice recordings

Palimpsest the book

Chorus mouthes