time is a glitch

time is a glitch

Text print on paper on sheetrock, miniature speakers in situ (ceiling and socket), sound composition, three medium wave AM radios, sheetrock paper work: 375 x 200 cm, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin 2024

Radio waves can penetrate solid matter – in a vacuum they can even reach the speed of light. Radio interference is often referred to as ‚unwanted energy‘. Sound, on the other hand, requires air and energy. Its waves are pressure waves, mechanical vibrations in space. Like when many people meet – energy is created, physical and emotional pressure waves spread in all directions.

The exhibition „time is a glitch“ explores the potential of this possible disturbance, fluctuation and modulation through acoustic and graphic interventions in the given exhibition architecture. A text archive becomes a mural, assembling sheets of world news collected over the four past years. Torn paper underlines, marks and circles the small sound in the big noise. Filigree sounds criss-cross the space in waves and lines, linger in the ear and fade away like a brief tinnitus, a soft blinking in the ear.

sound excerpts below


feedback composition played back from a drilled hole in the ceiling (L) and a socket close to the ground (R)

documentation of 3 live medium wave AM Radios placed at three (hidden) places of the space when night falls