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selected works and exhibition views     under construction


to the letter manuscripts


Mindmap kunsthalle.ost, Leipzig


Zungenblatt landscape of the tongue


être vent konnektor, Hannover


Antennae antennae microphones


être vent Out Now, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin


être vent whistle collection and recordings


Glass Sheet Scripts sound happenings


gravity’s pull Hochparterre, Berlin


Music Pieces for Voice Piece ausland, Berlin


Piano Recordings Echoes, Eglise St.Merri, Paris


Tempest Tunes blind spot, Künstlerhaus Dortmund


Wandering Flutist BS Projects, Braunschweig


Ressac, Respiro studio views


Music Pieces for Voice Piece after Voice Piece for Soprano


Sound Piece for Ligeti (Apparitions) Why Art, Museum Ulm


Seismós cardiographic prints


DisSonata Living Room, tête, Berlin


Conductor’s batons edition


Philidor’s Ink the scribe’s traces


Antiphony tracing paper drum sets


Redender Stein echo of the dead mountains


Melos Amoris songs of mice and whales


Scripts l’expérience intérieure