Tempest Tunes

The sound of a tempest, simulated through the speed of the wind during a drive, was captured out of the car window in thin glass tubes of various lengths and a small microphone placed inside the glass. The glass tubes recorded the blow of the wind up to 210 km/h, the wind speed of a hurricane. Each tube produced unique sequences of whistling tones and noises, steered by the blow of the wind during the recordings. These sounds are then played back by small speakers inside the tubes. The fragile construction leans forward in the space, fixed on pivot arms and hold up by single threads from the ceiling.

glass tubes: each 1,5 cm x 140-230 cm, variable dimensions, 2014

** exhibition views blind spot, 2017
** sound and video excerpts

exhibition views Motorenhalle Dresden, 2014, background: Seismós, Photos: Karen Weinert