Music Pieces for Voice Piece for Bass, Tenor and Baritone
(after Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono)

The work is based on a re-interpretation and translation of the Fluxus instruction Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono (1961), performed by musicians with bass, tenor and countertenor vocal ranges. The vocal performances are then translated into music sheets by an algorithm-based note recognition program, calculating slightly varying notations for each performed scream. The performers are then interpreting the music sheets on their instrument, extending their possibilities of the unplayable parts of the musical scores. The work will be accompagnied by an ongoing publication (2017/18).

Marc Philipp Gabriel (voice / flute), Juan PeƱalver Madrid (voice / piano), Mike Flemming (voice / viola), Michal Krajczok (voice)


** vimeo trailer

** Wandering Flutist
** Violin Piece for Voice Piece (lecture-performance)