(after víziók)

Inspired by a lost music score of György Ligeti, the work Apparitions tends to
create a dialogue between a swarm of tiny fruit flies and Ligeti's micropolyphonic
compositions. Raised and nourished within food-colored apples in glass cylinders,
the fruit flies are moving on stencils placed on the prints on the top of the glass.
They produced colored marks, tiny points before flying away. The original study
score of "Apparitions" is based on a pocket edition in which the size of the notes
corresponds to the traces the insects left behind, adding visual sound clusters to
the musical notes of the original composition. Ligeti's "Apparitions" was written in
reminiscence of his lost score called Viziók, based on Ligetis' very first vision of
moving micropolyphonic sound masses and clusters.

each 14 x 29,7 and 16 x 29,7 cm, 2015/16

** Sound Piece for Ligeti (Installation views)
** sound excerpts