Signs Of Wear And Tear
(Freud archive)

Antiquarian bookseller descriptions, digital prints on bookpaper, since 2012

Antiquarian notes from used books of Sigmund Freud are printed
on book sized papers, designed like front pages and glued to the
wall in a loosened block. They refer the viewer back to himself, to
his perception and his fragile physicalness. Moreover, in their
multitude and sequence they unfold a surreal, almost tragic humor,
that on first view does not want to comply with the often so seriously
grave book titles. Nevertheless an ex post enchantment happens to
the classics– they (also as invisible bodies of books) gain a new, fragile
value by means of the human usage that is documented here. (MV)

** text (de)
** book pages (excerpts)

Exhibition view Reading Distractions, Das Gift/Giftraum, Berlin 2012, GIZ-Haus, Berlin Art Junction, 2013