Violin Piece for Voice Piece for Tenor

(after Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono)

in collaboration with Max Sudhues (performance/violin), 2015

The work is based on a re-interpretation and translation of the instruction piece Voice Piece for Soprano by Yoko Ono, transcripted into music sheets and interpreted by the performer, performing his translated scream as a Solo Violin Piece.

The lecture introduces the making of the work, the individual experience of screaming, of Yoko Ono's voice and about the state of uncertainty, the possible sense of failure.

Voice Piece For Soprano

1. against the wind
2. against the wall
3. against the sky

1961 autumn
, Yoko Ono

This instruction piece by Yoko Ono, first published in her book „Grapefruit“ in 1964, was executed by Max Sudhues, inspired by one of Ono's own interpretations of this piece from 2010. The sound recording of the performed scream was then translated into music sheets by a digital note detection software. Out of different possible translations of this human scream into musical notes – the program failed to calculate one unique, definite form – the performer interprets the music sheets of his own scream. At the end of this chain of interpretation, translation and appropriation and as a tribute to Yoko Ono, stands the vocal performer's musical instrument play.

the work is continued with following musicians:

** Music Pieces for Voice Piece

** Wandering Flutist

Photos: Violin performances during a private reception/performance evening in Ghent, Belgium, and during a lecture-performance at Kunstraum Ossastraße, Berlin