(an attempt to harmonize)

The inner space of a loudspeaker box is transformed into a living space
for bred field crickets, simulating their natural biotope, a circadian rhythm
regulated by tremperature and light. A microphone inside the loudspeaker
box sends the insect's sounds to an Harmonizer, shifting the pitch of the
chirps in real time to the notes of a violin's play. Simultaneously, tweeters
on the ground render the harmonized chirps in response to the music play.

In between the playback of the violin, the insect's shifted sounds interact
in real time with the noise and voices of the visitors.

Béla Bartók: Sonata for Solo Violin:Fuga, Risoluto, non troppo vivo

Wood, field crickets (gryllus bimaculatos), stones, heating lamp,
cardboard, microphones, amplifiers, harmonizer, loudspeakers, from 2009-

** video and sound excerpts